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Merab was born in Tbilisi,the capital of Georgia,in 1954.

one will rarely meet a person more joyous and independent about

life.A real romantic,his paintings are only about women,wine and cats.


Each work is a source of joy,life and bright southern colours.

He is an artist not only by spirit,but also by profession-he received his

artistic education in Moscow in 1983.

His works are best appereciated by people from the South,as they see a reflection

of their own land in them,recognizing their own friends and relatives in the characteres.

But the people from more moderate climates can't help but to smile while looking at his

work,often bringing home this little piece of sun which can warm you winter night better

than a fireplace.

Merab participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Georgia.He hes been

living and working in Prague since 1995.Merab is relatively new artist in our gallery,but

one of the most successfull.His works were represented at such international shows as

Art Zurich Iinternational in Switzerland in 2004 and Art Ireland in Dublin in 2005.



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